Top Monthly Voter for January 2020!

Please read and understand the event mechanics.

This event is for January 2020 top monthly voters on our server. At the end of every month, the top players with at least 200+ Votes in the ranking will receive a prize of 30,000 Wcoins and voter below 200 Votes will receive 20,000 Wcoins only. Who ever is below 150 votes will NOT be rewarded.

-DO NOT think to create 2 accounts to vote and win this event. Staff will be checking the accounts and if someone is caught with a second account, both will end up banned for 2 whole week.
-Follow the correct vote procedure or else your vote will NOT BE COUNTED.

How to vote?

[SIDE EVENT] XtremeTop100 road to TOP 50 Event!

This event aims to reach at least top 50 on the XtremeTop100. This event would benefit to the server and to the players because it helps the server grow by gaining more players.

By the end of the month If we reach at least Top 50 on the list of XtremeTop100 and maintain it until the end of the month, all voters who accumulate 200+ votes will receive ITEM GIVEAWAYS via raffle draw.

Keep on voting every 12hrs!!
Best regards,
HyperMU Staff Team

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